Password Manager Software

  • Keeper Password Manager Icon
    Keeper Security(Freeware)

    World's most trusted and downloaded password manager.

  • RememBear Icon

    Saves and autofills your passwords to save you time and keep you safe online.

  • KeePassXC Icon
    KeePassXC Team(Freeware)

    Free and open-source password manager.

  • Password Depot Icon
    AceBIT(Free Trial)

    Powerful and user-friendly password manager, You will need to remember only one single password.

  • Steganos Password Manager Icon
    Steganos(Free Trial)

    Generates extremely strong passwords, automatically inserts them on websites and remembers them so you don’t have to.

  • Password Memory Icon

    Only remember one password.and the rest are safely encrypted in the database.

  • Password Safe Icon
    Password Safe(Freeware)

    Safely and easily create a secured and encrypted user name/password list.

  • Trend Micro Password Manager Icon
    Trend Micro(Free Trial)

    Simple, secure password management, Manage up to 5 passwords with No expiration.

  • F-Secure KEY Icon

    Stores your passwords, user names and other credentials so that you can access them wherever you are.

  • Efficient Password Manager Icon

    Helps you remember generic passwords and record website login passwords, software registration codes, e-mail account passwords, etc.

  • SaferPass Icon
    SaferPass(Free Trial)

    Safe and simple password manager with security in mind.

  • Sticky Password Icon

    The secure password manager and form filler.

  • Norton Password Manager Icon

    Free password manager that makes logging into your favorite sites easier and more secure.

  • LastPass Icon

    You don't have to remember passwords anymore, LastPass generates strong passwords and remember them for you.

  • KeePass Icon
    Dominik Reichl(Freeware)

    Free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.

  • Kaspersky Password Manager Icon
    AO Kaspersky Lab(Freeware)

    Protect your passwords, credit card details, confidential photos and more.

  • Dashlane Icon

    The safe, simple way to store and fill passwords and personal information.

  • Icecream Password Manager Icon
    ICECREAM APPS(Freeware)

    Protect and manage your logins and passwords, credit cards, identities, bank accounts, passports and more.

  • RoboForm Icon
    Siber Systems(Freeware)

    Generate stronger passwords and store them in RoboForm to log in with a single click.

  • 1Password Icon
    AgileBits(Free Trial)

    With 1Password you only ever need to memorize... one password.