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Meteonorm for Windows 11


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PC Version Review

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Download Meteonorm latest version (2023) free for Windows 11,10 PC and Laptop. 64 bit and 32 bit safe Download and Install from official link!

  • Get latest version with all free essential features
  • Unique combination of reliable data sources and sophisticated calculation tools. It provides access to typical years and historical time series.
  • Official full setup installer, verefied and virus-free
  • Find offline, online and portable installers when available

Latest Version Overview

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Meteonorm is a unique combination of reliable data sources and sophisticated calculation tools. It provides access to typical years and historical time series. It allows access to historical time series of irradiation and temperature. The new archive contains hourly data since 2010 and is constantly updated. You can download these time series directly from the Meteonorm software.

Key Features

Global coverage
Data from more than 8 000 weather stations worldwide and five geostationary satellites.

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Data period
The standard periods are 1991–2010 / 1996–2015 for irradiation data and 2000–2009 for other parameters.

Time intervals
Meteonorm generates monthly, daily, hourly and minute values.

Historical time series
Historical hourly values of irradiation and temperature from 2010 to present, constantly updated.

Data formats
36 output formats: CSV, TMY2, TMY3, EPW, PVSol, PVSyst, Polysun, SAM and many more.

Interpolation models calculate typical years for any location worldwide.

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Aerosol climatology
Globally calibrated gridded dataset by Chris Gueymard. Time period 2000-2015, spatial resolution 0.5°.

The Meteonorm core is also available as Dynamic Link Library or Web Service for digital applications.

Current monthly values
Current monthly values can be accessed online directly from the software.

Transparent information on data sources and uncertainty provided for each data set. Validation papers available on the website.

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Urban Climate
Urban heat islands can be simulated. Specific urban climatologies for Bern and Vienna.

Climate change
Meteonorm includes three IPCC scenarios and allows projections to the year 2100.

Global 90x90m terrain model. Digitising tool for user-defined horizon lines.

Extreme years
P10 and P90 values available for simulating extreme years.

Data import
Third party data can be imported.

How to Download and Install for Windows 11 and Windows 10?

Downloading and installing apps is the same process for both Windows editions. Either you want to install Meteonorm for Windows 11 or Windows 10, Follow these steps:

First Method: Direct Download and Install (the better one)

This is done directly through our website and is more comfortable

  1. Firstly, Click on the above green download button which will take you to the download page
  2. Secondly, Navigate to the download section and click on the app download link
  3. Thirdly, Save the installer to your local drive
  4. Now, double click on the setup installer to start the installation
  5. After that, follow the guide provided by the installation wizard and accept Meteonorm End User License
  6. Enjoy

Second Method: Indirect (Through Microsoft App Store)

With introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft introduced its oficial app store. Then, it revamped it with the era of Windows 11. This is how to install from Microsoft App Store:

  1. Firstly, search for Meteonorm in the store, or use this ready search link
  2. Secondly, click on the proper app name
  3. Finally, click on the Get in Store App button
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  • Size: 264 Mb
  • OS: Windows 10 (32, 64 Bit)
  • License: Free Trial


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